Sunday, September 19, 2010

Invite Mr. Twain for a Visit!

Plan now to be a part of the "Mark Twain-Storyteller Tour" as Professional Humorist and Mark Twain Impersonator Stephen Hollen goes on the road as Mark Twain!  With a twinkle in his eye, white suit and that wild hair, you will think Mr. Twain himself walked into your event, classroom, festival or onto your stage.

Stephen has taken his many years as a performer and award winning humorist & storyteller, added the wit and words of America's Greatest Humorist and Beloved Author to bring Mark Twain to life.

Mr. Twain has programs to fit any venue, from school programs complete with lesson plans and handouts, a one man show suitable for libraries, senior centers or the stage to "walk arounds" for festivals and show booths.

Contact Stephen Hollen by phone at 937-371-4071 or e-mail"