Thursday, August 5, 2010


Mark Twain, your Twain stories were absolutely great.  Could listen to you many times over.
                                     Dee W.

Mr. Twain, Thanks for a wonderful afternoon of entertainment!  It was very kind of you to share your experiences with us.
               Elsie H.

Enjoyed your presentation! It was funny and I learned things I did not know before.  Thank you for coming and sharing Mr. Twain with us.
                                   By a retired school teacher

Dear Sir;  My concept of Mark Twain has been that he was quite colorful.  You have done him justice!          
                                  Thank you.  Paul H.

Mark,  That was great!

Your portrayal of Mark Twain was a great success.  It tied in so well with our Old Fashion Day celebration.  Several people commented about how accurate the tales were.  They were really impressed with how much research you must have done to put your story together.
                                  Dolores F.

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