Friday, July 30, 2010

Senior Center Visits

Looking for something new and different for your Senior Center for a Special Event or other program?  Consider inviting Mark Twain to stop by and visit!

Humorist and Storyteller Stephen Hollen has taken his many years experience as a performer, a natural likeness to that beloved American Icon and produced a program that will delight audiences of any age.  Stephen plays Mark Twain as he "pushes sixty" and will delight older audience members as he not only tells many of the wonderful stories and anecdotes of Mr. Twain, but also interacts with the audience in character!

Mr. Twain does not hesitate to take swings at humbugs, politicians and all the things that tickle... and aggravate all of us, no matter what generation.  Your audience will enjoy his wit, honesty and bittersweet memories of a time long past.

Call Stephen Hollen today at 937-371-4071 to schedule your visit with the Great Storyteller, Mark Twain.

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